Some of the commonly asked questions:

Q - What is the Move2B project?

Move2B is an online and in-person support and education service available to teenage girls around Ireland. It’s a purpose driven programme specifically designed to create a movement where girls from all backgrounds want to get active, and stay active, for life.

Q - Who is the Move2B project for?

The Move2B project is suitable for teenage girls between the ages of 12-17 years old. It is relevant for girls at all levels of engagement in physical activity and sport (from those that are disengaged to actively engaged). In a school setting, we would recommend this programme for 2nd-5th year students. In a club or team environment, we find this programme works well for u13s, u15s and u17s.

Q - How does the Move2B e-learning programme work?

Once the programme is purchased, you will receive an email outlining the details and a link to access the programme. The Move2B e-learning programme is delivered in three 40 minute modules.

The modules can be completed at a time that is convenient to the participant(s). Ideally, between modules we recommend a break of anywhere between a day to a week before completing the next one. Two modules can be completed on the same day, however we highly recommend taking a screen break, this is to facilitate the assimilation of information and understanding.

All participants will need individual access to the internet and a computer/personal device to complete the course.

Q - What are the benefits of Move2B?

First of its kind – Move2B is the first bespoke e-learning programme in Ireland that provides girls with resources to help them work with their bodies and discover their athletic and personal potential.
Excellent facilitators – Niamh and Órna connect with the girls by sharing different experiences and perspectives with them.
Engaging content – Engaging video content and extension activities will keep the girls engaged throughout the e-learning programme.
No travel – Access the programme via your device from any location.
Flexible time – Complete the e-learning programme when it suits – fit Move2B into your own schedule.
All levels – the content is suitable for girls at all levels of participation.

Q - What topics are covered in the Move2B e-learning programme?

There are three modules in Move2B. Each module has a mixture of video content and extension activities. Niamh and Órna guide the girls through topics such as menstruation and exercise, sports bras, expanding the definition of sport, resilience, friendships and confidence in relation to physical activity.

Q - Can the teacher/coach/facilitator/parent etc. access the programme?

Absolutely! When you have purchased the course, you will have the same access to the programme as the girls. We advise you to look through the content so you can build on the topics covered after the course is completed.

Q - How long will we have access to the e-learning programme?

The e-learning programme must be completed within one month unless another agreement has been arranged (explicitly and in writing) with Move2B. Access to the Move2B e-learning programme will expire after one month.

Q - Have more questions?

Feel free to get in touch! 🙂 You can email info.move2b@gmail.com and we’re happy to answer any questions you might have.