Creating an environment where girls lift each other up.


The Move2B Project uses sport as an agent for change to empower girls across Ireland. Our aim is to retain teenage girls already involved in sports and support girls that have dropped out to re-engage with sports and physical activity.


Our mission and goal is for teenage girls to have enough resources and evidence-based information to help them work with their bodies and discover their athletic and personal potential. 


Research shows that girls who continue with exercise throughout their teens do better not only academically, but socially and emotionally with the benefits echoing long after their school days.

Sport is one of the best medicines we have for modern lifestyle illnesses. Yet 80% of Irish girls are not reaching the minimum recommended amount of physical activity a week – that is a lot of missed opportunity.

E-Learning Programme

  • Our bespoke Move2B e-learning programme is aimed at teenage girls – Move2B highlights and deconstructs the benefits and barriers to physical activity.
  • We hope to create a movement where girls from all backgrounds want to get active and stay active for life.


  • We are a purpose driven social enterprise committed to progressing equality.
  • Girls are much less likely to be active than boys, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Periods, PE lessons, a fear of failure and a lack of confidence can all stand in their way.

E-Learning Programme Options