Develop Physically, Socially & Emotionally

The Move2B e-learning programme is delivered by Niamh and Órna in three 40 minute modules. Each module has a mixture of video content and extension activities. The aim of the videos is to highlight the different barriers to physical activity that the girls may experience. We provide the girls with resources and evidence-based information to help them work with their bodies and discover their athletic and personal potential.

Throughout the programme we encourage participation at all levels and broaden the definition of ‘sport’. We connect with the girls through our videos by sharing different experiences and perspectives with them. Supportive interactive activities and reflective questions are presented to the girls throughout the modules. Our aim is to ensure that the girls believe that physical activity and sport have a place for them and their friends.

This e-learning programme will provide video content and resources that give girls reliable information and practical advice based on the latest scientific research.

Niamh and Órna guide the girls through topics such as menstruation and exercise, sports bras, expanding the definition of ‘sport’, resilience, friendships and confidence in relation to physical activity.

E-Learning Programme Options