Welcome to the Move2B community

Orna Murray

I’m Orna, I completed my BA in Applied Psychology before completing my MSc in Health Psychology at NUIG. I started my journey into the world of social entrepreneurship at the beginning of 2020 after some interesting professional and personal experiences – including moving to America on an athletics scholarship and representing Ireland in athletics at international level. I’ve also worked as part of a sports science team with elite and olympic athletes.

I’ve always had more questions than answers which is why I decided to train as a Yoga Teacher and NLP Practitioner. I wanted to do something to support the next generation of Irish girls so they can access the formative learning environments and experiences that sport and physical activity provide. I saw this hugely important but neglected area that needed time, investment and expertise. If we weren’t going to do it, who else would?

Niamh Murray

I’m Niamh, I love getting outside and being active but I’ve always been more of a participant than competitor! I love physical activity for how it makes me feel, the socialising and the buzz you get from learning a new skill.

I have a BA in Irish and History from UCC and a MA in Education from Trinity. I completed my thesis on ‘Pupil Mental & Emotional Well-Being’ focusing on resilience and the pillars of mental and emotional well-being. As a secondary school teacher and coach I couldn’t believe the huge number of girls dropping out of sports by the age of 13/14 years old. Having gained an understanding of the realities of sport and physical activity that teenage girls in Ireland faced, I wanted to do something meaningful about it! I went on to complete a postgraduate course in Innovation and Enterprise Development at Trinity and founded the Move2B project with Órna.

We have both benefited from and are passionate about sports however, over the years we have noticed the numerous barriers to physical activity that women and girls have to overcome. We started working together and pooling our areas of expertise and the Move2B project was created! We felt a strong sense of responsibility to ensure that the next generation of girls get the support and encouragement needed to navigate the sport and exercise world. We want to ensure that they understand their bodies and are able to work with them rather than against them. We hope to create a movement where girls from all backgrounds want to get active and stay active for life.

Míle buíochas,

Orna & Niamh