Highlight and deconstruct the hidden practical and social barriers to sport using applied research.

Address issues specific to young girls.

Create an environment where girls lift each other up.

Ensure that girls believe that physical activity and sport have a place for them and their friends.

Provide resources to help the girls and their teachers/coaches create a safe and supportive community – thereby providing an opportunity for girls to develop and grow.

High Dropout Rates of Adolescent Girls

Adolescent girls are dropping out of sport and physical activity at twice the rate of boys their age. We see a sharp fall in the numbers of young girls playing sports by the age of fourteen*. Recent figures highlight that 80.5% of girls are not meeting the recommended levels of physical activity, with Ireland having one of the largest gender gaps in sports participation*.

Address Issues Specific To Young Girls

The Move2B Project addresses the barriers to sport and physical activity for girls. Issues specific to young girls such as; the onset of menstruation, peer pressure, lack of encouragement, subconscious gender stereotyping, school work perceived as being more important and playing sports not seen as feminine (body image and confidence) all play a role in sports participation among young girls.

Develop Physically, Socially & Emotionally

Low levels of sport and physical activity at such an early stage results in fewer opportunities to develop physically, socially and emotionally in a safe and non-judgemental environment*. Sports teams, dance groups and running communities for example all provide these types of support. Reduced participation in sport and physical activity regardless of the level, has both short-term and long-term consequences, as many habits of adulthood are tracked back to childhood and early adolescents.