School & Club E-Learning Programme


Quantity Price Per Person
9-29 €12
30-89 €11
90+ €10
Quantity Discount Price
30 - 89 1.00 11.00
90 + 2.00 10.00
School & Club E-Learning Programme12.00

There are three,  forty minute modules in Move2B. Each module has a mixture of video content and extension activities. Niamh and Órna guide the girls through topics such as menstruation and exercise, sports bras, expanding the definition of sport, resilience, friendships and confidence in relation to physical activity.

The modules can be completed at a time that is convenient to the group. Ideally, between modules we recommend a break of anywhere between a day to a week before completing the next one. Two or more modules can be completed on the same day, however we highly recommend taking a screen break, this is to facilitate the assimilation of information and understanding.

All participants will need individual access to the internet, computer/personal device and headphones to complete the course.

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